Building global brand


“From language missteps to misunderstanding cultural norms, veteran branding expert Barbara E. Kahn has seen it all when it comes to the missteps of launching a brand across borders”_ Gwen Moran.                                          

There are many global brands over the world like IBM, Coca Cola, Pepsi, GE but there is no one from Vietnam. It is good time for enterprises to pay more attention on how to build global brand as well as make Vietnamese brands reach the world. It is difficult but it is not impossible.

The course “Building global brand” will favor entrepreneurs in branding and planning to dominate the global market.

Đối tượng chương trình
  • Management levels: Chairman, CEO, Board, Board of Members, Managers, Leaders, Chairman Assistant, CEO Assistant.
  • Middle-managers: functional managers, head/deputy head of departments, sections….in enterprise.
  • Individuals who are interested in branding and building global brand.
Mục tiêu chương trình
  • Trainees understand more about global brand
  • Trainees are equipped with methods to build global brand
  • Distinguish between “building global brand” vs “building national brand”
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Building global brand - Khóa học CEO